The most important supplements for every body

Here is a list of supplements that are important for every body.

  1. Multivitamin

No supplement can compensate fully for a poor diet or lifestyle. But these supplements can help make the processes in your body work optimally. There nutrients are in increased demand in response to intense training, dieting, periods of growth, or immune system attacks.

  2. Vitamin D3

Most multis just don’t include enough of this critical nutrient. Experts commonly refer Vitamin D3 as a versatile steroid hormone instead of a vitamin. The recommended daily allowance of this vitamin is pretty low. Using between 4,000 IUs and 8,500 IUs per day provides a significant effect on exercise performance.

3. Protein Powder

Protein is the only major nutrient that stimulates muscle protein synthesis. It is the process by which your body repairs and grows muscle. But it also improves insulin sensitivity and blood glucose control. It supports healthy blood pressure and inflammatory response, reduces age- or inactivity-induced losses in muscle and strength. It is also critical for a robust immune system. Plus, protein increases calorie burning (thermogenesis) and reduces hunger more than either carbohydrates or fat.

And it’s not just for when you’re looking to gain weight. When combined with a calorie-restricted diet, supplementing with protein also increases the loss of body fat and weight, and reduces the loss of lean body mass. If your goal is to get bigger and stronger, any whey protein concentrate (WPC) will do just fine.

  4. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

In addition to being a source of caloric energy, fatty acids (FAs) are something every cell in your body uses as the foundation of its fluid membrane. Since cells are constantly being rebuilt and destroyed, it is necessary to have a diet high in essential FAs (EFAs).

In one well-designed study, when 4 grams per day of a certain FA was consumed in the absence of any other nutrients, there was no direct effect on stimulating muscle protein synthesis or pathways that lead to increased muscle growth in healthy, but physically inactive men and women. However, when blood levels of insulin and amino acids were increased, the EFA supplement increased the anabolic effects by approximately 50 percent over what occurred in response to just the insulin plus amino acids.

The upshot for you: EFAs don’t just offer great benefits on their own, they also make other nutrients work even better.

5. Greens Supplement

Phytochemicals (secondary metabolites from plant-based sources) have the potential to unlock a world of optimal health and fitness benefits. Most powdered forms of botanicals and their constituent major categories of phytochemicals (e.g., phenolic compounds) are of limited efficacy in doses of less than about three grams per day, and most sub-categories of those major phytochemicals (e.g., total flavonoids) require you take at least 500 milligrams per serving to reap their true benefits.

6. Probiotics

Unfortunately, the environment we live in, how we respond to stress, our lifestyle and diet, eating processed foods, and a wide host of chemicals (including high-intensity sweeteners—both “natural” and artificial) can beat the life out of these gut good-guys.

The lactobacilli and bifidobacteria strains of probiotics are the most common that you’ll find in almost all supplements. Current recommendations are that you cycle between products that contain a variety of different probiotic strains, because once you get enough good bugs in your system and consume a sound diet with ample variety, the good guys will multiply on their own. Therefore, like a healthy society, you want to increase the diversity and the total number of good guy bugs as opposed to just supporting a single homogenous sub-population.

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