We take responsibility, and take our customers and members’ health and wellbeing serious!

It may look like our main objective is to sell products, well true, that’s what creates our turnover, and makes sure we can be in business and offer our clients the best products at the best prices.

But when all comes down to it – we are just like most of our members, interested in being healthy, getting stronger, or leaner or whatever the objective of their training might be. Be the last thing we want is to play with our health, that’s also why we’d never sell illegal stuff like drugs, steroids, and so on. We only sell tested and approved products.

The difficult thing is national advice and restrictions on specific ingredients, which can be different all over Europe and the world.

So to give the best possible service and guidance we, of course, would like to have documentation on each single ingredient in the thousands of products our suppliers produce, buts since this would be impossible, and there are already several databases that offer these services, we’ instead refer to this database, where you can search on hundreds of ingredients and make your own assessment of side effects or risks. Based on your personal experience, lifestyle, health level, and workout routine.

For detailed information on ingredients, effects and side effects, please go to: