Chocolate - 2200 grams  - Olimp NutritionSystem Protein 80
System Protein 80
Chocolate - 2200 grams  - Olimp Nutrition
System Protein 80

System Protein 80 – 2200 grams

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The full spectrum of building compounds for muscles.

An elite high-protein dietary supplem…

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The full spectrum of building compounds for muscles.

An elite high-protein dietary supplement and a source of top-quality, balanced animal protein. The exclusive composition and magical taste offered by System Protein 80 meets the requirements of the choosiest professional athletes, as well as everyone who exercises recreationally and has an increased demand for protein or just wants to build muscles.

System Protein 80 – Classic quality… The quintessence of effectiveness!
Now in a new version!

The unique composition of System Protein 80 is based on the top-quality concentrate of whey protein, chicken egg protein and an exclusive isolate of whey protein which was obtained with the use of a cutting-edge machine – the cross-flow micro filtration (CFM). The comprehensive protein matrix, created by the uncompromising scientific staff of Olimp Laboratories, is designed to provide quick saturation of the blood with the most complete of the known amino acid profiles offered simultaneously by whey and egg protein. System Protein 80 generates an extremely effective amino acid shock wave that in instantly mobilizes all metabolic mechanisms of the body to begin to synthesise proteins. This remarkably favourable physiological state will last at a stable level for 3 hours after consumption.

The three most complete amino acid profiles in System Protein 80 – the full spectrum of building blocks for the muscles.

The optimal times when System Protein 80 should be taken

System Protein 80 is ideal for the post-workout replenishment of the protein deficit, when the easily-digestible, top-quality whey protein concentrate and isolate will provide you with quick saturation of the blood with amino acids. This state is effectively maintained by the ultra pure chicken egg protein that is digested more slowly. The one-track activity of the three elite protein sources leaves no doubt as to the absolute effectiveness guaranteed by the ingredients used in System Protein 80. 

Who is the preparation intended for?
It is intended for people with an increased demand for protein. Especially for those, who are aiming for the fast development of lean muscle mass and strength, therefore mainly professional athletes, but also people who exercise recreationally.
It is excellent for athletes practising endurance disciplines and martial arts, in the preparatory period, as well as during body mass reduction before a competition.

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