Questions our customers ask most often.

How am I supposed to understand the prices?

Look at the picture below, it describes the way our prices work.

Do I have to be a member to shop at

The short answer is no! 🙂

Everyone is welcome here at BodyClub, so everyone gets great prices and products they know.
But as a member you achieve even more savings, all the way up to 85% on market prices.

For how long does my membership last?

The membership is an ongoing subscription with automatic renewal, but if you’re going on a Holiday or otherwise want to postpone the subscription for a month, you can read more about this below.
And remember, there is no commitment period! 🙂

I have to go on vacation, can i postpone my subscription for a month?


Under “My Account” – you can control your subscription and postpone, if you not home for a month, or just need a small break.

What is normal delivery time?

We try to deliver within 2-4 weekdays on all orders received before 12PM

Since our supplier chain is set up to give our customers the best prices, small fluctuations on delivery times can occur on some products, ie. being shipped from different stock points.

What are the delivery costs?

We offer a “flat fee” delivery cost, show at checkout, calculated on destination, weight and order price, but on orders above €100 we also offer FREE DELIVERY.

Can there be price fluctuations from day-to-day?

Since we push all the boundaries, on stocks, supply chain and delivery, to give you, our customer, the absolute best prices, some minor price adjustments can occur, due to currency rates, taxes and other external proces.
But usually on only a few cent, and remember, as a member you get savings that exceed the membership cost and these small fluctuation, by far! 🙂

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